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Core Benefits

Finally, an investment solution that makes sense.
High Return Investment

If you have ever invested in a Bank CD then you know exactly what we are offering you. That being said, with Cirrus Fund you will typically make 3 times greater than what our Bank competitors have to offer. The reason the Cirrus Fund is such an attractive investment is due to the fact that your investment is directly connected to the interest earned from our entire commercial real estate loan portfolio. Without any middle man, a majority of the interest revenue passes directly to you. We have no problem putting our money where our mouth is. Get involved today and earn Real Returns that are backed by Real Assets.

Low Risk

Real Security comes from the fact that we generally lend no more than 65% of the value of each real estate. Said another way, for a $1M real estate asset $650K would be our maximum loan. With real equity in each asset there is very little risk of loss. But that is not all. You do not invest in a single loan asset, but rather your risk is distributed over our entire portfolio (check our our Asset Portfolio page). The equation is simple: Your investment distributed over a number of low loan to value assets = Low Risk. Plain and simply put.


How much would you like to know? Our investors invest confidently with access to an Annual Company Audit, Loan Asset Documentation, Property Profiles, and the ability to work diretly with our staff. If you do not know enough to satisfy your questions then you simply haven’t asked. There is absolutely no reason to make any investment decision without knowing exactly what your are investing in. Say No once and for all to the black box stock brokers and investment advisors!

About Us

The Cirrus Fund was created to provide a global platform for investors to access high return - low risk real estate secured investments.
Break the Bank

Since beginning operations we have originated more than a billion dollars in commercial real estate loans. Our success is largely due to our talented people. In addition to our vast commercial real estate expertise, professionals like lawyers and accountants diversify and strengthen our staff. While members of our team have been involved in commercial real estate financing for more than 20 years, we believe that this is only the beginning. The financial community is involved in a revolution. We see a world where smart people can choose where to invest their money and where visionary small business people can look to a greater community for support.

  • Typical Bank CD rate

    5-year: 2.0%

  • The Cirrus Fund rate

    5-year: 6.3%

  • Total Invested Funds


  • Earnings Paid


Our Team

Our team has been involved in commercial real estate financing for more than 20 years
Curtis Valenzuela
Ryan Ellis
Loan Officer


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